Do you want to know how to
create an amazing birth?

This isn’t just for “granola moms”! It is your birthright.

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Your birth can be joyful,
gentle, and empowering

Sanctuary Birthing helps you prepare for your birth in the hospital, birth center, or setting of your choice.

We offer each woman in depth online coaching and support for pregnancy, birth preparation and the transition into parenting.




We’re Jae & Rhione

After more than 30 years of being midwives and educators, helping more than 1,000 women to take ownership of their pregnancy and birth, we have developed our B-I-R-T-H System to help babies be welcomed into the world with love and gentleness.

Mothers and Babies are deeply affected by their birth experiences — and remember their stories for the rest of their lives.

Birth is your baby’s beginning, the moments that are meant for you and your baby to literally fall in love. . .

What’s the matter with current maternity care?

Today’s maternity system is based on fear of what might go wrong – instead of
supporting what’s possible and what our bodies are designed to do.

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Gentle, warm, and beautiful.

“Not only they will provide good care, but also they will help you understand how birth should be; so natural and beautiful. We can believe in our body. It is made perfectly for birthing. No panic and no fear. They will educate you and help you to work with your body and baby. Make your birthing experience gentle, warm, and beautiful.”

-Yumi, client

Supportive, knowledgeable, kind, and caring.

“The amazing women from Sanctuary Birthing are so supportive, knowledgeable, kind, and caring. They can help women and families have the most empowering birth experience that they could ever dream of. Their belief in you as a woman whose body has the innate wisdom and strength to have a natural, gentle birth gave me the confidence to believe in myself and my body. Both of my babies had the most beautiful, peaceful, and loving entrances into the world.”

-Serena, client

Wise, grounded, kind, compassionate and present.

“These two women are incredibly wise, grounded, kind, compassionate and present humans. I felt empowered to have the experience I wanted with the guidance and support of two skilled and trustworthy women. I felt supported and genuinely cared for. These women were there for me in every way I needed. I would recommend them to anyone who is looking for guidance and a way to navigate their birth experience in the most beautiful way that is possible.”

-Dani, client

Their care and concern is unsurpassed.

“Sanctuary Birthing combines the expertise and knowledge of birthing with the emotional strength and guidance that only Jae & Rhione can bring. It combines the peace that comes from having knowledgeable professionals helping guide a mother through her pregnancy and birth along with the friendship, love and kindness that can only come from close friends who become family.”

-Marcella, client

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