Do you want to know how to
create an amazing birth?

This isn’t just for “granola moms”! It is your birthright.

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Sanctuary Birthing Stands in support of Black Lives and Black Mothers.

As white folks who have been living under systemic white privilege we acknowledge that SYSTEMIC RACISM MUST END! 


Go HERE for a short list of organizations you can support. The time is now!

Free Mini-Course:
Own Your Amazing Birth Journey

You’ve prepared so many things for your baby, are you prepared to Own Your Amazing Birth? Maternity care begins with your choices as a mother. And not all health care providers are giving you the facts about what’s possible for you and your baby. ​The Own Your Amazing Birth Mini-Course will guide you through the five essentials needed to have a harmonious birthing experience.

Your birth can be joyful,
gentle, and empowering

Sanctuary Birthing helps you prepare for your birth in the hospital, birth center, or setting of your choice.

We offer each woman in depth online coaching and support for pregnancy, birth preparation and the transition into parenting.




We’re Jae & Rhione

After more than 30 years of being midwives and educators, helping more than 1,000 women to take ownership of their pregnancy and birth, we have developed our B-I-R-T-H System to help babies be welcomed into the world with love and gentleness.

Mothers and Babies are deeply affected by their birth experiences — and remember their stories for the rest of their lives.

Birth is your baby’s beginning, the moments that are meant for you and your baby to literally fall in love. . .

What’s the matter with current maternity care?

Today’s maternity system is based on fear of what might go wrong – instead of
supporting what’s possible and what our bodies are designed to do.

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Gentle, warm, and beautiful.

“Not only they will provide good care, but also they will help you understand how birth should be; so natural and beautiful. We can believe in our body. It is made perfectly for birthing. No panic and no fear. They will educate you and help you to work with your body and baby. Make your birthing experience gentle, warm, and beautiful.”

-Yumi, client

Supportive, knowledgeable, kind, and caring.

“The amazing women from Sanctuary Birthing are so supportive, knowledgeable, kind, and caring. They can help women and families have the most empowering birth experience that they could ever dream of. Their belief in you as a woman whose body has the innate wisdom and strength to have a natural, gentle birth gave me the confidence to believe in myself and my body. Both of my babies had the most beautiful, peaceful, and loving entrances into the world.”

-Serena, client

Wise, grounded, kind, compassionate and present.

“These two women are incredibly wise, grounded, kind, compassionate and present humans. I felt empowered to have the experience I wanted with the guidance and support of two skilled and trustworthy women. I felt supported and genuinely cared for. These women were there for me in every way I needed. I would recommend them to anyone who is looking for guidance and a way to navigate their birth experience in the most beautiful way that is possible.”

-Dani, client

Their care and concern is unsurpassed.

“Sanctuary Birthing combines the expertise and knowledge of birthing with the emotional strength and guidance that only Jae & Rhione can bring. It combines the peace that comes from having knowledgeable professionals helping guide a mother through her pregnancy and birth along with the friendship, love and kindness that can only come from close friends who become family.”

-Marcella, client

Their expertise is invaluable.

“We hired Sanctuary Birthing for the pregnancy and birth of both of my children. They exceeded my needs and expectations for what birth care could be. I had the undivided attention and support and care of a team that tailored everything to help my family through such life altering transitions in our life’s. We received all the education and information we ever could want and our specific requests were always honored. They are professional yet we still felt connected and as close as the dearest family member. Completely comfortable. I couldn’t recommend their services to anyone interested more. Their expertise is invaluable. They helped me feel super confident and empowered to choose what was most important to me and my family and assisted and stepped up completely when I felt the most vulnerable and needed their advice and direction. I couldn’t imagine doing pregnancy and birth without Sanctuary Birthing.”
–Sara Marie Hamilton, client

The best guidance and support a mama could ask for!

“Sanctuary Birthing supported me through two of my pregnancies and births. I came to them midway in my pregnancy after having a less than stellar experience and they were like a breath of fresh air! They understand how to support women to have their very best pregnancy and birthing experience. They are up to date with the newest and oldest wisdom for having a safe and gentle birth. The best guidance and support a mama could ask for!”
–Beka Brown, client

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Join us for our first series of 2021, beginning th Join us for our first series of 2021, beginning this Sunday afternoon Jan 24. Lots of info and how to register at Link in bio! We create an authentic safe space online for you to share, meet other expecting parents, practice breathing and relaxation and so much more. Learn how to breathe your baby down without hard pushing! Start as early in your pregnancy as you like and return to any other class for free in this pregnancy!  #pregnancy #hypnobirth #meditationbreath #hypnobirthingworks #childbirth #birth  #positivebirth #birthclass #pregnancycoach
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Ready for Sanctuary Birth Chat FaceBook live! Ready for Sanctuary Birth Chat FaceBook live!
This image from our friend @maplehollowphotography This image from our friend @maplehollowphotography captures just how incredible moms are, how much they sacrifice and do for their children. The exhaustion, the pure love that is motherhood. The beauty of this phase of life. We also love her raw honesty about the breastfeeding journey. 

Part 2

It was chaos, complete chaos. Help, I needed help. What do I do!? Who do I call!? Well..... turns out... call everyone! I called my pediatrician who I had only met for the second time that day in our hospital room when she came to check A. I called the midwives at the hospital, I even called a doula that I had interviewed probably six months prior who had randomly mentioned that she used to be a part of la leche (I didn't even know what that meant, I had to look it up!). Remember this is midnight. I was desperate. Also remember, I was sent home with formula, well, I had thrown in out. My only option at that moment was to figure out how to get milk from my body to her body. Pumping wasn't working, I was too full, getting her to latch wasn't working, she was way too angry to even consider latching. My amazing midwife told me to get in the shower, the hot water will release milk, enough to where A can latch. By the time I was done in the shower A had cried herself to sleep and once we were both in a better headspace, we were able to nurse.
I vowed to never do that again. There was a lot of trauma wrapped up in that night, not to mention the burns all over my newly postpartum belly from spilling boiling water in my panic. I felt completely helpless, I felt like a complete failure, I felt like I needed to figure out a way to get her back inside my belly for a little longer so that I could figure this mom thing out first. That night was the start of my journey with postpartum anxiety.

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