At Sanctuary Birthing we are here to guide you in a deep dive to find your inner voice, build a vibrant pregnancy, create the birth you imagine, welcome your baby with love and joy, and step into motherhood with confidence.

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Hi! We’re Jae & Rhione.

We are experienced midwives who have been working with pregnant moms, babies and families for more than 30 years. As medical procedures and technology have developed, many Moms no longer feel that that they have a say in what their pregnancy and birth should be like. It is our mission to help Moms take back that control and work in harmony with their medical professionals. We created Sanctuary Birthing to offer in-depth, online coaching for pregnancy, birth preparation and the first few months of new parenting.

With over 30 years combined experience, we understand the true joy of birth and just love working alongside new Moms and their partners to create the most healthy, natural and wonderful birth experience. Baby develops day by day, a miracle that is as ancient as time. Your pregnancy grows in the same way, step by step. Along the way there are many care practices ancient and modern, sacred and natural that we can help you with. Working with us one on one or in small, intimate groups, we strive to create the prefect balance between medical science and nature.

At Sanctuary Birthing, we create a sacred space for you and your baby to enter this world as naturally and beautifully as possible. We look forward to reaching out to us and starting a conversation for you and your precious new journey into Motherhood.