In traditional earth-based cultures, trust in birth is passed down from generation to generation, and young women believe they will easily birth without “agony.” Complications in those areas of the world result mostly from lack of supportive prenatal, birth, and postpartum care, and from food scarcity.

In contrast, modern industrialized culture does not believe that birth is safe, or support belief in a physiological easy gentle birth. Beliefs that birth is scary and an emergency have been passed down to us from as long ago as the middle ages, from mother to child and so on and are now deeply entrenched in our cultural myth of birth. This myth is constantly reinforced in the popular media, at doctors’ offices, hospitals, insurance companies and even in conversations with family and friends! So women who truly want a natural or unmedicated birth still struggle with the cultural imprint of birth as an “emergency” in their subconscious mind.

The Big Question Is: How Do I Let Go and Let My Body Birth with Ease?

Set time aside to read these questions and write your answers down. Let it be a journal exercise that is just for you to explore and for you to understand. If you are unsure of the answers, try letting yourself write the answer with your non-dominant hand… just let it come, uncensored.  You can even create your answer via a spontaneous drawing…. Make space and time for this by getting comfortable and relaxed and then just breath and begin.

Examine your programming. This is how you can begin to assess just where you are starting from.  Unexamined, these beliefs can influence your ability to “let go and allow” your body to birth easily as it is naturally designed to do.

Just breathe and listen as the answers come to you.

  1. What are the life experiences that have shaped your beliefs about birth?
  2. Describe your own birth experience.
  3. Describe the births of your siblings.
  4. Describe other births you’ve witnessed or heard about.
  5. Are there any other birth stories you have gathered from the media?
  6. How are these stories and experiences influencing and shaping your thoughts, visions and beliefs about birthing?

Imagine now that you are simply sending gratitude to these pictures, stories, movies and see them for what they are: stories that have shaped your beliefs and your thinking about birth and what it means for you. They do not have to be YOUR STORY. You can take a powerful moment right now to let go of these stories. Imagine that they are are floating in front of you contained in a variety of soft fluffy clouds. See cloud stories just hanging there in front of your inner landscape. You can take a deep breathe and release them and watch them dissipate and float away. You can do this and feel the relief. Do this now. See the clouds float away now and notice the clear blue sky that is there. Notice how you have less tension and more free space inside of yourself now. More space to be YOU.

Visualize your birth the way you know it can be.

Envision the picture that you really want to be in as you are in labor, as you birth your baby, as you cuddle with your newborn. Confident, relaxed, happy? Full of breathtaking joy? Feeling like “I did it!” You can have this! Take some time to let yourself dream and receive messages from your deeper self, the self that knows this can be the most wonderful experience of your life.

What are your fondest highest hopes and visions for the birth of your child?

See this, feel this, using your all inner senses to guide you.  This can take some time and you can return to this exercise during your relaxation time again and again.

Share this with your partner. Share this vision with your baby.

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