Hello, my name is Jae Rowan. I want to talk with you about something very important. Something very possible, very beautiful, that you might not know about. Along with Rhione Zeixchel, I co-founded Sanctuary Birthing, after more than 30 years helping hundreds of women move through pregnancies and births with health, power, beauty, gentleness and love.

We see a woman, deep within, relaxing with her powerful birth hormones, laboring to her own rhythms, giving birth without forced pushing and joyfully helping to receive her own baby. We see her absolutely transformed by the amazing experience of becoming a mother.

The hormonal blueprint of a relaxed, unmedicated birth, facilitates this transformation, this rite of passage, a woman’s birthright.

One of THE most important ways nature prepares her to be a mother. Nature’s amazing birth elixir; oxytocin, the love hormone and beta endorphins, the feel good hormones, help a woman to ride the waves of labor, AND create a glue, deeply bonding her with the baby in the biggest love imaginable.

Sadly, this transformational rite of passage is NOT happening for most women. They are being ripped off by a broken birth system, managing labor and birth like an assembly line of routine care. And THAT is what I want to talk with you about today.

Pregnant women, just like you, or those you love are being managed, and manipulated through scare tactics into predictable routine care. One intervention after another replacing the hormonal blueprint. We are so vulnerable at this time in our lives afraid that if we don’t do everything our doctor or nurse tells us to do, something very bad may happen.

Can you feel this fear? It is palpable. Pushed on us by the medical system, and carried by all of us.
Instead of being an important part of the decision making process, instead of clearly stating our beliefs and our needs, instead of understanding that we absolutely do have a choice about every aspect of our care during pregnancy and birth, we give our power away.

And so the mistake so many women are making, is to accept being placed at the bottom of the decision making process.

We, as a culture, have been conditioned to believe the doctor knows best. That we cannot possibly know what is best for ourselves and our babies. And so women just like you, and our daughters, sisters, friends . . . find themselves asking this question,“Will they let me?”

“Will they let me go past my due date?”
“Will they let me refuse an induction? . . . an IV? . . . an epidural?”
“Will they let me walk around? . . . eat? . . . drink?”

And the list goes on and on, YOU can fill in the blanks.

Our beautiful, miraculous woman, who grew an amazing healthy baby is treated as though that she is a mechanical process. Hospital policies expect doctors and nurses to follow ROUTINE CARE PRACTICES leaving moms and babies with NO VOICE.


Heather was processed in this pregnancy and birth assembly line. At every prenatal visit she sat with many other mothers for 20-30 minutes, for a brief 3 minute check in with her doctor at each visit. After being told each time that everything was fine, Heather had so many unanswered questions. Finally with the due date approaching, she filled out a birth plan form, and finally made some choices for her birth.

3 days before her due date Heather was scheduled to come into the hospital to check and see if her body was ready. With NO signs of anything happening, they started her labor with a medication in an IV.

Once she was in strong, hard labor, and with a lot of back pain the nurses told Heather her best chance to avoid a c-section, and have a “natural labor” was to have the epidural. And her birth plan WAS FORGOTTEN!

She checked out, fell asleep and in the morning, saw her doctor for the first time, and was told “now it’s time to push!” Propped up, unable to move her own body, the nurses prompted with each contraction, “Hold your breath and push hard.” Heather’s doctor spent a total of 15 minutes with her during the entire labor, to catch the baby and stitch her up.

How would you feel after having this kind of experience?

Heather said, “The whole thing was insane. It felt as though my baby was evicted from the womb. He cried all the time, we never slept, taking turns trying to comfort him. It was 5 months before he finally settled into a happy life outside the womb.”

The next pregnancy, after working with us through our 5 part system, Heather had this to say:

“Childbirth and motherhood are empowering and women should have a voice and be listened to. I had developed so much trust and confidence in my body to birth I knew I was capable of a natural childbirth.” Heather’s labor started when her baby was ready, her body was ready. Her own body’s birth hormones, rocked the process! She said, “This time my baby was ready for life on the outside, so much calmer and happier than my first.”

Mothers and babies are deeply affected by their birth experiences, mother’s remember their birth stories their whole lives.

If you, or someone you love, wants the most transformational moment of your life, to be truly YOURS, and not simply RIPPED OFF as though it doesn’t matter, take our quiz.

We’ve created a birth readiness quiz just for you. Click here!