Self Love- Creating a Sanctuary

  • Do you give your power away to your partner, parents, or care-provider?
  • Are you afraid to listen to your inner messages?
  • Do you see everyone else as the expert of your pregnancy and birth experience?

At Sanctuary Birthing we help you learn to VALUE YOURSELF as the center of your experience as a woman, in your pregnancy and birthing, and as a mother.

Listening to your INNER GUIDANCE helps you establish your boundaries,
trust in your body, and create daily practices and rhythms to support the creation of your

Harmonious Bodymind

  • We were meant to birth with confidence, ease and joy .  .  .  . but what is in the way?
  • Did you know that for every thought you create a corresponding response in your body? This happens in only a fraction of a second! 

Maybe you’ve found yourself relaxing and dreaming about enjoying your favorite food and then your mouth starts watering. Just like that, your body is responding to your mind!  

How does this have anything to do with your pregnancy and birth and having a baby?

Our thoughts create our reality because our body responds automatically to our mind. 

Transforming our thoughts, transforms our body’s response.  We can access our unconscious “programs” and release fear-based beliefs that have been passed onto us and move into creating true pictures of what we really want to experience.

Elements of a Vibrant Pregnancy

  • Is it hard to get up in the morning?
  • Do you wonder if you will ever feel good in this pregnancy?
  • Is it hard to imagine adapting to your changing body?
  • Or surrendering to the changes pregnancy and motherhood demand in your life?

At the HEART of the Sanctuary Birthing program is building a Vibrant Pregnancy through the elements of:

Self assessment–where are you now in your body, mind, emotions, and spirit and where do you want to be?

  • Nutrient dense food choices.
  • Rest and good sleep patterns.
  • Exercise.

As you learn and implement the elements available to choose from, your are able to create a healthy body, a harmonious mind, balanced emotions and a contented spirit through your daily practices and self-care rituals. 

All of these elements help you to create an integrated approach to your pregnancy and a resilience you didn’t even know was possible.

Compassionate Birth Care

The Power of Making Informed Personal Choices

Birth in The United States today is BROKEN. Average Cesarean Section rates of between 36-50%! 

Mothers not being listened to or considered!

A cascade of interventions, medical procedures, that are routinely imposed on mothers and babies!

Where, how and with who you choose to birth can and will affect your birth outcome.

Engaging actively in INFORMED CHOICE for each procedure and not signing away your rights at the door.

What does it mean to be a responsible consumer, actively working to create the birth change you want to experience?

Your Amazing Birth

  • Do you wonder how birth works?
  • What do Evidence Based Birth Physiologic Birth, and Undisturbed Birth mean?
  • And how can understanding these types of birthing help you to Create the Birth of Your Dreams?
  • Your Birth Team? Who will be helpful for you to have around you and support your Birth Vision?

Your daily relaxation and visualization practice and how this fits in with your Harmonious BodyMind.

Loving Living in YOUR Nest

Nesting begins with YOU and then spreads in concentric circles outward.

Begin with Building Your Tribe by learning to ask for and even more importantly RECEIVE the support you need!

Focus on growing deeper connections to your partner, friends and family. Take the time to learn to listen deeply to the feelings and needs of those you love. Then take the time to share your feeling and needs.

Begin the parenting process in pregnancy through bonding and falling in love with your baby. 

Learn and prepare for the needs of a new baby and the surrender and service involved in parenting. 

Maybe you have heard it takes a village to raise a child. This is the time to learn the benefits of a creating a supportive “village” around you.