Self-Study Program

Own Your Amazing Birth Self-Study Program 

This is NOT a childbirth education class. 

This IS an approach to pregnancy and birth that is based on over 30 years of the pregnancy coaching we’ve been offering to our clients. We have distilled this method into our 5 step B.I.R.T.H. Journey. This specialized coaching grew out of the individualized care we were able to offer to each pregnant person during the hour we spent with each pregnant person at their regular prenatal wellness check ups.

In an effort to reach many more people who want that in depth level of transformation, we created this program as a supplemental experience to hospital based physician or midwife care.

This is a lifestyle approach that addresses your adjustment to the pregnancy on all levels. 

This begins with a self assessment that gives you your starting point in the B.I.R.T.H Journey. The five basic steps on this journey include 

B- birth

I- inner journey

R- resilience

T- team

H- health basics

The self-study guides you to work through this journey in a spiral. This class helps you to set a foundation in each step. This facilitates your continuing work through each step as you proceed through your pregnancy after the class ends, coming back to each step as you deepen your understanding and get clearer about your individual needs on your personal journey to Owning Your Amazing Birth.

Take yourself through these Five Vital Steps using our B.I.R.T.H journey method.

  1. BIRTH – Start with the end in mind. Get to know your own beliefs and needs as you understand the steps involved in creating the Birth you Envision. Begin with the mindset shift from giving your power away to your care provider, and instead learn to work in partnership. This step helps to identify all the basic aspects of preparing yourself for the birth.
  1. INNER JOURNEY –  Create a Birth Sanctuary within yourself to access your inner wisdom through our S.A.C.R.E.D pathway. This will help you to quiet your mind, build confidence, and create a pathway for clear decision making for the pregnancy and beyond. 
  1. RESILIENCE –  Learn how to develop the resilience needed to see yourself through the ups and downs that life brings. Discover practices that help you to fully integrate the pregnancy into your day to day life including simple techniques for releasing fear and limiting beliefs, replacing them with the beliefs you want.  Enjoy a daily practice to release tension and stress and forge new neural pathways for a relaxed presence.
  1. TEAM – Discover the importance of your Team, beginning in your pregnancy and preparing for the early days and weeks with your new baby. Each pregnant person can learn to create the support you need to thrive in your Inner Sanctuary, before, during and after your amazing birthing.
  1. HEALTH BASICS – Understand the foundations of health to create the strength and nourishment you need for a vibrant pregnancy and a healthy stress-free birth. This includes an approach to your lifestyle that looks at nutrition,food choices and strategies. Sleep, sleep hygiene and rest. Exercise, emotional support, and integrating your pregnancy with your family life and work-life balance.

The Self-Study Program begins very soon!