Empowering Support, Step by Step

1-on-1 VIP Program

You’re pregnant or ready to be – congratulations! It’s the best journey as a parent you can possibly begin. We know – we helped birth over 1000 tiny humans into the world.

It’s one of nature’s finest gifts, and we’re here to help every step of the way. 

You will learn:

  • How to create your own personal sanctuary, within and without, as you nurture a whole new human inside of you
  • What is true about birth and how to identify what is real vs cultural myths
  • How to access your deep inner knowing and intuition, to become the wise decision maker for yourself and your baby
  • How to release limiting beliefs and fears and find the power in true relaxation
  • How to choose the perfect support team that will walk with you through pregnancy, birth and the months after
  • How to create a foundation of well-being in a healthy pregnancy.  Receive tools and practices to care for yourself, MamaBaby
  • How to move into your power, lessen interventions and OWN your birth

From the best nutritional advice for becoming pregnant to the all-important 1st trimester, we can help. Or maybe you’d prefer help for your 2nd and 3rd trimesters leading up to the birth. Then there’s your 4th trimester, where we can help with learning to feed your newborn baby and helping your recover through the whole process. 

Our 1-on-1 coaching with Jae or Rhione begins with a full health assessment and goal planning. Normally, we spend 6 months together. You get to choose when we start and when we complete our initial journey together. Your 6-month Coaching Program is tailored to your specific requests and needs. We have experience in natural pregnancy, IVF and surrogacy. Traditional, same-sex or single parenting – again, we’ve been there and loved every moment.

You get 9 unique calls with us, either in person if you’re close by or via zoom for the rest of the country. Our first call after you’re all signed up is our signature “get started” call. Then, you’ll get 8 more calls that can be arranged monthly or weekly based on your current needs and when your baby is due. Your calls can be completed after your baby is born.

This is your pregnancy, your baby and your choice. We just love to be so personally involved.

Fine print – Forms, worksheets and ongoing self assessment prep for coaching calls are all included and yours to keep.

Our Coaching is individualized to meet your specific beliefs and desires as well as what is up for you to choose at each stage of your pregnancy.