We hired Sanctuary Birthing for my first baby in 2013 and third baby in 2019. For our second baby, we were out of country living in South Korea. We had a hospital birth and we missed Sanctuary Birthing’s care very much.

They had a great team with lots of experience. We had a meeting before we make a decision and felt total peace about choosing them. They genuinely care for moms and babies.

Jae and Rhione and very personal and caring. Yet, they are professionals. They know what they are doing.

Not only they will provide good care, but also they will help you understand how birth should be; so natural and beautiful. We can believe in our body. It is made perfectly for birthing. No panic and no fear. They will educate you and help you to work with your body and baby. Make your birthing experience gentle, warm, and beautiful.

How gentle they were during my labor. Just their presence is so calm and gentle, which is big and important. They truly love seeing a whole process of labor and a new life is being born. Jae even bought groceries and pads for me while I was recovering.. She cared for me deeply and wanted me to get rest as much as possible. I will remember these experiences forever. So thankful. 


Jae and Rhione provided me with prenatal and midwifery care for the pregnancies and natural births of my 2 daughters, who are now 7 and 1 and a half.

I chose Sanctuary Birthing because I was interested in having a natural birth and had heard amazing things from friends who recommended them. From the first communication with them, we knew it was a perfect fit for our family. I immediately felt comfortable and understood.

The amazing women from Sanctuary Birthing are so supportive, knowledgeable, kind, and caring. They can help women and families have the most empowering birth experience that they could ever dream of. Their belief in you as a woman whose body has the innate wisdom and strength to have a natural, gentle birth gave me the confidence to believe in myself and my body. Both of my babies had the most beautiful, peaceful, and loving entrances into the world and I hope that every mama, baby, and family could experience the joy that our family did in our births.

I would recommend Sanctuary Birthing to those who are seeking an alternative to the conventional, intervention-heavy model of typical births. They will prepare you with the tools you need to give birth. For those wishing to make choices for their bodies and babies that are outside the norm and status quo, these women are not judgemental and will help you create a customized birth plan that feels right for your family.

The women at Sanctuary Birthing care deeply about creating positive birth experiences, where women and babies are nurtured, loved, and honored through this indescribably intimate and intense experience. They are experts at reminding a woman to believe in the wisdom of her body and her baby to know what to do. They will teach you about your body and prepare you for birth by learning how relaxation, visualization, proper breathing, and taking care of your body are all so important to having a gentle birth. Their intimate knowledge of nutrition, homeopathy, natural medicine, abdominal massage, hypnobirthing techniques, the list goes on and on, their knowledge and wisdom are profound. They provide holistic care for your mind, body, and spirit, giving you tools you need to feel confident, joyful, and grateful through the rollercoaster of hormones and discomforts of pregnancy.

I love how much TRUST I felt in their care. That trust made both of births, which were 6 hours or less of active labor, go so smoothly. I didn’t have to worry about anything because I was taken care of.

The bond with my babies was instant and magical and gave them the best welcome into the world. I owe these divine birth experiences to the women at Sanctuary Birthing.

NO PUSHING! I didn’t know before meeting them that it was possible that you don’t have to push a baby out. Learning hypnobirthing techniques with them was so eye opening, and I know for a fact that my births would have been longer, harder, and much more painful without their guidance. With no pushing, there was no tearing, YAY! Their genuine excitement for me when there was good news like this was so heartfelt and sincere, memories I’ll never forget. They made me feel BEAUTIFUL at my most vulnerable moments.


Jae and Rhione were my midwives for both of my children in 2012 and 2018. These two women are incredibly wise, grounded, kind, compassionate and present humans. I felt empowered to have the experience I wanted with the guidance and support of two skilled and trustworthy women. 

I felt supported and genuinely cared for. These women were there for me in every way I needed. I would recommend them to anyone who is looking for guidance and a way to navigate their birth experience in the most beautiful way that is possible.

These women are wonderful at offering their knowledge and support while also being incredible listeners. They are wise and trustworthy humans. They are a shining example of how to walk a beautiful path in this life.


Sanctuary Birthing assisted me in the birth of 3 of my children: March 2008, April 2015 and January 2017.

So many of my friends had had their birthing experiences with Jae & Rhione and they were both so highly recommended that I decided to have a consultation. Once I did, I knew from their caring, kind energy and knowledge and experience that they were the best choice for me and my growing family.

My experience has been by far the best birthing experiences I could have hoped for. When hearing some of the birthing stories of my friends and family, I quickly realized how blessed I have been to have been coached, loved and nurtured by Jae & Rhione. Their care and concern is unsurpassed.

I believe any woman who is seeking an alternative, natural, gentle, joyous and self-guided birthing experience would benefit from their services.

Sanctuary Birthing combines the expertise and knowledge of birthing with the emotional strength and guidance that only Jae & Rhione can bring. It combines the peace that comes from having knowledgeable professionals helping guide a mother through her pregnancy and birth along with the friendship, love and kindness that can only come from close friends who become family.

Jae & Rhione always know just what to say at the very moment when I needed it most. A gentle voice reminding my body to relax and calming my mind so I could fully experience the gentle, calm birth I had imagined. No matter the circumstances, I always have a deep sense of confidence and peace when Jae & Rhione are assisting in my pregnancies and births.

10/10! I have referred others to them many times and feel that everyone woman who was given the choice would choose their help and assistance.


We hired Sanctuary Birthing for the pregnancy and birth of both of my children. They exceeded my needs and expectations for what birth care could be. I had the undivided attention and support and care of a team that tailored everything to help my family through such life altering transitions in our life’s. We received all the education and information we ever could want and our specific requests were always honored. They are professional yet we still felt connected and as close as the dearest family member. Completely comfortable. I couldn’t recommend their services to anyone interested more. Their expertise is invaluable. They helped me feel super confident and empowered to choose what was most important to me and my family and assisted and stepped up completely when I felt the most vulnerable and needed their advice and direction. I couldn’t imagine doing pregnancy and birth without Sanctuary Birthing.

Sara Marie Hamilton

Sanctuary Birthing supported me through two of my pregnancies and births. I came to them midway in my pregnancy after having a less than stellar experience and they were like a breath of fresh air! They understand how to support women to have their very best pregnancy and birthing experience. They are up to date with the newest and oldest wisdom for having a safe and gentle birth. The best guidance and support a mama could ask for!

Beka Brown